PGP encryption

PGP is a tool allowing e-mail encryption and signature.

  • Encrypting a message ensures the sender that only the recipients will be able to decrypt and thus read the message and its potential attachments.
  • Signing a message ensures the identity of the sender to the recipients.

PGP is the abbreviation of Pretty Good Privacy.

Mailo proposes a server-side PGP integration as a trusted third party.

The PGP integration in Mailo has the following characteristics:

  • native webmail integration (PGP/MIME)
  • sending and receiving PGP e-mail
  • management of the signature and the encryption of e-mails
  • operation independent of the client, allowing an equivalent usage on all devices
  • potential attachments as well are encrypted in the message and even their presence is not visible without decryption
  • however the subject of the email is not encrypted and must not contain sensitive information
  • generation of private/public PGP key pairs
  • import/export of PGP keys generated on Mailo or with other tools

As a trusted third party, Mailo commits to ensure a maximal security to the users' PGP keys.

Users who wish to use PGP without a trusted third party need to install a mail software with cryptographic capabilities on each device used to access the encrypted e-mails.