The dashboard allows you to see at a glance the information about your Mailo account: last received messages, next calendar events, notes or to-do list. It is the default home page and is accessible on your computer thanks to the   icon in the application launcher.

You can customize the dashboard and its blocks, named widgets.

  • To move a widget, click on its title bar, move the widget with the mouse and drop it at the position of your choice.
  • To remove or minimize a widget, click on the   icon in the top right corner. In this menu, you can also move the widget by choosing one of the Move to... commands.
  • To add a widget, click on   in the bottom right corner and click on a block to add it to the dashboard.
  • To add a column, click on   in the bottom right corner and choose Add a column. The new column is displayed to the right of the dashboard. You can move widgets to it or remove it if it is empty by clicking on   in the top right corner.